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Rekindle Your Life (Revised)





Rekindle Your Life centres upon encouragement towards good deeds and noble characters, abstinence from sins by giving reminders in a very beautiful way about Paradise and its delight, the reality of death, turning to Allah in repentance and enlightening faith through inspired, true and wonderful stories from various aspects of life past and present.

Some of the stories written in this book were true stories of the author Dr. Muhammad Al-’Arifi, from his encounters with a driver who is deaf, dying men in hospitals, his visit to asylum and many more. Not only that, he also writes on the stories of amazing men and women from Rasulullah’s time in details that I had not seen in other books. These stories will surely bring you to tears as you contemplate the sacrifices that these amazing men and women had given in the way of Allah.

This 290-paged book is divided into four sections namely:

- Story of the Restrained,

- Tremendous Benefits,

- Yearners of Paradise and

- Journey to the Heavens.

The first section “Story of the restrained” encourages us to guard our tongues from back-biting, slander, lying, abuse, insults etc. I feel this chapter will strike a deep chord within every women as we are all at one point or another guilty of one of these.

STOP NOW! As indeed whoever protect his tongue from dishonouring the Muslims is victorious in this world and he will be successful in the hereafter.


Chapter two “Tremendous Benefits” was even a better read as it focuses on stories on sickness, ailment, disability etc., giving lessons that will touch the heart. I have always loved the medical profession, and seeing a chapter dedicated to this melted me. This chapter is about medicine, proper manner of dealing with patients, real purpose in treating patients and how to convey dawah to patients and people around us.

Chapter three “Yearners of Paradise” was a very interesting read as it further reawakened my love for the akhirah. Subhann Allah my cravings for paradise increased, may Almighty Allah make us all inhabitants of Jannah. Ameen.


The last chapter “Journey to the Heavens” was definitely a real reminder that death is real. I like the fact that the author not only uses stories from hadith but also personal anecdotes too. In this chapter I learnt that those with good deeds will be happy to see their Lord. Those who are disobedient will suffer from the punishment twice.

The subject matter covered in this book is extremely important for everyone, especially for Muslims. The book shows us how to practice Akhlaaq and Adab (good manners and respectful behavior) in the light of the Quran and teachings of Muhammad (saw). It encourages us that as we run around in this life, we should remember death and work hard to become one of the dwellers of Jannah.


Here are some of my favorite lines from the book:

“Woe upon you! Say what is good, you will gain; or remain silent from evil, and be safe”

“How beautiful is it that Allah looks at you during your sickness and he sees all things and finds you patient, hoping for his reward and then you become elevated to the rank of an “excellent slave”

“Be a blessed man! Admonish one regarding paying attention to the salah, another regarding the protection of the sight and private parts (from unlawful things), and admonish people with regards the beneficial use of his time and so on”

“How could you choose to distance yourself from Allah when you are seriously in need of him?”

“In whichever direction you traverse in the biography of the pious, you will surely find the quest for paradise filling their hearts and pre occupying their souls.”

There are so many interesting and very beneficial messages from this book. I would highly recommend this book for readers who would like to gain more Islamic knowledge and to those who would like to change themselves to be better Muslims. Although I hope every Muslim purchases this book, I would suggest “Rekindle Your Life” especially for Doctors, teachers and parents.

I however did notice some misspellings and editorial mistakes ( I understand it came from translating from Arabic), and I hope the publisher can look into it in the next printing edition. Having said that, this book needs to go through professional editing as professional editing can turn the book into a true masterpiece.

After reading this book I feel a sudden urge to resuscitate, rekindle, reawaken and renew my life.

May Allah gave us strength to implement the knowledge we seek.

May Allah guide our affairs and make this deen easier for us all. Ameen.

So, are you thinking of getting a gift for your spouse, children, brother or sister? This is the perfect item to include! Or just let them borrow it after you finish. :) And remember, if they benefit from the advice and act upon it, you are rewarded insha’Allah!

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